Post owners 🙋🏻‍♀️
With an ever-growing list of feedback, organization is important. Our new post owners feature will help streamline your feedback process. Assign owners to triage posts to the right people on your team.
How it works
Under post details, you can now assign posts an owner.
From there, you can filter the post list by owner.
Simple as that! This feature is available on the Growth plan and above.
You ​can now specify an estimated month and year when the feature will be available. This feature will help you set better expectations for customers as well as other teammates.
You can choose to expose it publicly or keep it as an internal record.
This feature is available on the Growth plan and above.
User Segmentation
Getting feedback from all of your users is great. However, you may find that the feedback from your most valuable customers is being diluted.
With our new User Segmentation feature your team can now spotlight feedback from those star customers, whether they are enterprise, paying, churned or a custom field.
How it works
You can view and edit your segments in the sidebar of the admin view of any board.
Create your first segment
Click on “Manage Segments” to view all of your team’s custom segments. From there, select “Create a new segment”, which will bring you to the segment editor.
Here you will edit the attributes of your segment by selecting a field, an operator, and, if necessary, a value. Then give your segment a name and hit save. Congratulations, you’ve made your first segment!
2019-07-24 13
Viewing feedback from a segment
With your new segment created, you can now gain insights on which features they value most.
Select a segment from the drop down to filter your posts, the scores you see represent only the votes from users in that segment.
Adding Custom Fields
Out of the box you can segment on standard fields, e.g. company creation dates or user names. However user segmentation also supports filtering users via custom fields you add with our Identify API.
Once you add a custom field to one of your users or companies, you will see it as an available field to filter on when you create a new segment.
User segmentation is only available for teams on our Growth plan. If you'd like a trial of Growth, let us know.
Happy segmenting!
Changelog official launch! 🎉
After being in beta for just over a month, we are officially launching the Canny Changelog!
Check out this fun announcement video the team made 😊
You should now see a new "Changelog" tab at the top of your admin view.
We're excited to help your team complete the entire feedback loop:
💬 Collect feedback to inform your product decisions
⚡️ Keep people updated by adding ideas to your roadmap
🎉 Announce new features via the changelog
Give it a try and let us know what you think!
If you're on Product Hunt, we would love your support:
Send changelog entries to Slack
You can now send published changelog entries to Slack! Just head to your Slack integration settings and turn on the "New Changelog Entries" trigger.
Remember, you can have Canny notify multiple Slack channels. Just click on that "Add to Slack" button again to select another channel and customize your settings.
Changelog videos + more
We've got some improvements to the Canny Changelog for you.
📹 Embedding videos
You can now embed videos hosted on YouTube, Wistia, Vimeo, and Loom.
🔒 Private changelog widget
Lock down access to your changelog widget by following these instructions.
✨ Widget transitions
We wanted the widget to feel more slick and professional so we added some sliding transitions.
2019-06-13 15
It's not too late to join the Changelog beta! Just send us a message to request access.
Google Analytics Integration
You can now keep track of the traffic to your Canny subdomain via Google Analytics!
Set up
  1. Make a new property in Google Analytics and copy your Google Analytics tracking code tracking-code
  2. In Canny, go to your settings. Under Google Analytics, paste your tracking code. canny-ga
That's it! Over time, you should see the traffic you're getting in Canny.
SSL for custom domains
Previously, you had to set up SSL yourself via CloudFront or Cloudflare.
We're happy to say that Canny now takes care of SSL automatically for all custom domains 🎉 If you haven't set up Canny on a custom domain yet, now is a great time to do that.
Set up
  1. Add your custom domain to the custom domain settings in Canny: image
  2. Add a CNAME record to your DNS, pointing the custom domain ( to .
Check out this help article for full details.
Changelog Widget + Privacy
Changelog Widget
We want you to get as much engagement with your new features as possible. Announce updates by embedding a changelog widget into your website:
Check out our developer docs for a live example and instructions on getting it set up.
Changelog Privacy
You can now lock down your changelog to your internal teammates only. Head to your changelog settings to turn this on.
Join the beta
Not in the Changelog beta yet? Just send us a message to get access.
Email Verification for Private Boards
You can now let your teammates access your private boards on Canny without G Suite. All they have to do is verify they own an email address.
To enable this feature, go to your board privacy settings page. Add your specified domain, select "Email" as your method of verification, and press save.
📨 Requesting Email Verification
When your teammates visit your private board, they'll be prompted to provide their email address. We'll send them a link to verify their email.
🔐Verifying an Email
Upon clicking the verification link, your teammate will be verified! They'll now have access to all private boards with that domain.
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