Anonymous boards

Canny has always stood by identity being very important when it comes to customer feedback. A vote is just one signal. There are other important factors that come into play when it comes to prioritizing feedback.
You want to know answers to questions like:
  • How much are they paying?
  • How long they've been a customer?
  • What's their role?
That said, it's not important for users to know who each other are. Sometimes, you want to keep things anonymous for privacy reasons. Or maybe you don't want people snooping on your customers. This is why we built anonymous boards.
The key here is:
Admins will still be able to see user identity
Make your boards anonymous
User anonymity is a board-level setting. All you need to do is go to your board settings, and toggle on "Use user aliases in posts, comments, votes, and comment likes".
From there, your customers will see aliases for each other:
You can see a live example on our Integrations board. Full details on anonymous boards are available here.
Anonymous boards are available on the Canny Growth plan and above.