I have a few suggestions for how to improve the 'Stale posts' feature.
Suggestion #1 –– When I have no stale posts it uses a lot of screen estate on the /admin view. I would rather just see my roadmap.
Suggestion #2 –– Update 'stale posts' whenever a new comment or edit is made by an admin, not just on 'status' change. That would make a lot of our features go out of 'stale' mode when we can't change their status.
Suggestion #3 –– If suggestion #2 isn't an option, then make it possible to disable 'Stale posts'. It's not very encouraging getting emails every day that you have 3 features that are 'stale' with red text saying they're '6 weeks' old. We're often working on big features that can take more than 4 weeks to change status.